Bones and Stones: Totemic Layouts

Queen Hyeen. Spotted Hyena skull with Tibetan quartz, apophyllite, and Lemurian seed quartz.

Before I get too far into this hideously verbose post, I want to discuss my use of the term “grid” in this context. This one is based not on circles or radial symmetry, but on the shape of the central symbol or totem and the energy flow around it. The grid can be as simple or as complex as you want it. I prefer simple, as too many different energies getting twisted in can muddy the waters of intent. If you want an ambient energy processor, simplicity tends to be more effective. If you want to produce a quicker, harder, and more concentrated burst of energy, more complexity and forethought can be of use.

Animal relics form the basis of this grid. If you haven’t got bone, claw, hide, feather, etc., you can use an image, book, even music or a particular incense, if that is what most evokes the essence of the animal/spirit you are working with. (Check out Morin khuur music if you’re looking for Horse-sound.) I’m a bit traditional, in that I will always favor bone and keratin to plastic when it comes to connecting with animal energies. But- as in all things- what works for me, may not work for someone else.

So, with the general disclaimer of “this is what I do; feel free to adjust it to your needs” in place:
1. Determine Animal or Spirit symbol. This will form the basis of your layout, and the stones you lay on and around it will work with it to help support your goal. It can help to personalize your Animal symbol, and start to see it not as an “it,” but an individual, a collaborative partner in your work. Continue reading “Bones and Stones: Totemic Layouts”