UPG: Walk-ins

Atrocious grammar and obnoxious format- my apologies. -s

some people seem to be made of different stuff than most
perhaps not all individuals have “immortal souls”
circumstances can lead to an energetic death- this may be the death of the original individual energy, ego-death
sometimes the original energy can be brought back but it will be changed (ordeal)
-sometimes it will be augmented with an alien energy
-sometimes it will be replaced with another energy-body (walk-in)

no reason to assume replacement energy-bodiesmust be of the same type as the initial energy-body
doubt Gods of more vast scale would have much use for a mortal body / don’t really believe in Gods incarnate – maybe they augment the energy-body, though
Suspect most replacement energy-bodies are “lesser-God” beings and “smaller” than Gods- maybe angels, djinn, Fae, elves, etc

I think the shaman is born from the original energy, changed or augmented;

Replacements can be shamans, but while a shaman is skilled at working with both material and aethereal energies, a replacement (walk-in) may never be as skilled working with both types of energy simultaneously depending on the nature of the energy.

Angels tend to be human-affirming, but aren’t the light birdwing people most people imagine- they do emit light, but it is a burning light. Like if you’re a pasty fucker and are out in the sun too long, you can feel it irradiating you- angel “light” isn’t the warm glow in its purest form.

Demons are individualistic or rebellious angels, feel “earthier” and have a more fiery aspect. I think they feel “warm.” Some are human-affirming, but some may be the same thing as:

Djinn, who tend to resent humanity. They view themselves as higher than humans. They have a seething, radiant heat like hot embers.

The Fae are an incredibly diverse people with members both “light” of energy and “dark.” They can have elemental associations of water, fire, earth, air. I know most about water-horses and not so much about the rest.

Elves have a “dead” energy- there is something of death around them even though they can control how they appear, like the Fae (“glamour”). Their energy is light or dark, and it is like a paleness, the blued pallor of death. They aren’t always paragons of sobriety and, also like the Fae, can get quite wild in their activities. They may be Ancestors, or they may be the Ancestors of some of us. The Mound-Lords. They’re often both dark and cold but beautiful and sexual- I think this is due to the fertilization/rebirth aspects of death- the nutrients of rotting material go into the soil, making it more fertile. Anger the Elves and your crops will fail – lack of fertilization.

Some say they’re all the same thing, just different cultures within a people. And by some, I mean me and probably some other eclectic oddballs out there.

Notes on “demons,” djinn, etc.: Both are dangerous but no moreso than angels, the Fae, elves, and so on- they have individual temperaments. Angels will immolate you if you violate their sense of “good.” Demons seem to be more reasonable, on average. Djinn, Elves, Fae seem to have little love for anyone who is super into their own humanity but don’t seem to be outlandishly unreasonable if you don’t act like an asshole. All of them can be tricky. How much of that is deliberate and how much of it is just their way of being, who knows. Again, it varies from individual to individual and relationship to relationship.

Don’t fuck with any of them unless you’re certain you’re willing to play by their rules or risk being outfoxed. They will probably win if you try to get into a battle of trickery with them.

Walk-ins can happen after trauma, or perhaps there was some contract made between the host and new inhabitant, etc. The link between the vital body and the energy-body is too strong to be overwhelmed in most cases so the walk-in must either happen via mutual agreement, or if the tether is broken or weak, perhaps something can move in.

Seems to be a relatively permanent state- I think severing and reconnecting a metaphorical link between the physical and aethereal will deteriorate or become brittle with too much bending. At least, it seems many people can get burned out if they “switch pilots” too often- but maybe is a lack of maintenance between “drivers”-

Similar phenomenon to “horsing” or “manifesting” a Spirit, but that is temporary. A possession tends to be violent and the possessing spirit usually has some direct aim- whether feeding on the torment of the host, manifesting will, or something else entirely. Rare, and probably not to be messed with as they are by definition hostile.

Manifesting past lives- this happens as a flood or massive data dump. I’m not even certain it’s a past life thing, or if it’s more like static on a radio. Never seen it be permanent, not neccessarily linked to trauma or “weakness of connection,” happens with some individuals who are like energy conduits.


…Perhaps I’ve been reading too much RPG lore.


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