About me:

I am sha or Scapegoat. I’m just a dude sitting here on this giant living rock hurtling through space, trying to figure out how everything works. Spotted Hyena totem (possibly ssp. spelea). Affiliations with raptors both extinct and modern and a bunch of other animals. Psychonaut. ‘Kin. Intense interest in both sciences (particularly zoology, osteology, and astronomy) as well as philosophy and world religions. Perpetual skeptic, I have a tendency to overthink things and exhaustively attempt to poke holes in my own theories. I’m rarely, if ever, 100% certain of anything, even if I argue like I’ve already made up my mind. Since my practice is so intimately entwined with my experiences, impressions, and gut truths, I expect the blog will be more effective at telling you about me than I could ever hope to in this little blurb here.

I call my road “the Path of Blood and Bone,” meaning that I practice my instinct, “that which is bred in the bone.” I am in no way a Folkish or Tribalist practitioner and could be best described as non-Orthodox.

The Path of Blood and Bone

Right now, I don’t know if there’s a word to describe my path. It’s definitely LHP, ecstatic, shamanic, and not without an element of Mystery. I’m a hard polytheist, yet agnostic. That is to say that I do not experience most Deities as being part of a whole “Divine” or even two or three “Divinities,” but as separate Beings. However, my agnosticism is a bit Chaotic- I experience Deities as real, and I work with Them as though They were real and I strongly suspect They are real, but I’m also perfectly comfortable with the concept that They may be profoundly powerful symbols that speak directly to our instinctive, subconscious, animal nature. Even if the Deities are “just” symbols, though, They still can turn your world upside down- They absolutely deserve respect and should not be underestimated! After all, everything the human mind experiences is real in its own way and still impacts our perception of our surroundings. So please don’t take that “agnosticism” to mean that I doubt the power of the Deities- if anything, it’s a vote of confidence in Them and Their sublime abilities.

I believe there are some things which are Mysteries and some which are not. Therefore I cannot always relay my exact practices. On the other hand, there is much I can share, am happy to discuss, and I’m here to help as best I can. If I can’t, I’ll try to point you in the direction of someone who can.

I will happily work with Deities from any pantheon, but work most closely with several Kemetic, Arabian, and Mesopotamian Deities, a Goetic “demon” here and there, Loki, and a couple Jötnar. It’s an odd assortment to be sure, and may be explained by my ancestry, or simply by the fact that I’m a weirdo. My money’s on the latter.

I will, in a future post, address my use of the word “shaman,” and why I, someone who is not claiming to practice a preexisting lineage, use it. I make absolutely no bones about the fact that I am an eclectic who comes from the school of thought that there is a great deal to be learned from a diverse range of sources, but each individual must know themselves and their own inner workings in order to find the key to their own Gnosis.

Know thyself…!


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